The career-boosting secret you might not know yet

If you’re in your last year of uni (or even earlier, and just thinking about your future career), now is the time to set yourself up for success. The preparation you do now will make a huge difference to your future – and the good news is, CQUni offers a fantastic tool to help you on your way.

Have you heard of CQUni Career Connection yet?

CQUni Career Connection is a platform (which you can find here) that connects you to CQUni alumni that are out in the world, doing what you one day want to do.

When you log in to CQUni Career Connection, you can book a consultation with any alumni who are already working in your dream industry, and pick their brains on how to succeed.

If talking on the phone with someone terrifies you, there’s also a ton of helpful webinars on everything from nailing your LinkedIn profile to exposès into the industry you might want to head into. Most webinars are on-demand, so you don’t even have to remember to come back and watch them.

Alumni currently on the platform are specialists in fields from finance to mining, marketing, engineering and IT – and they’ve all signed up to help you!


Here’s a real-life story:

Jeevan credits CQUni Career Connection (and the advice of his advisor) with landing him a job.

After signing up to CQUni Career Connection, Jeevan completed a career consultation and took his new knowledge—and newfound confidence—with him through the application and interview processes at Toll Group, a global logistics solutions company. But…Jeevan didn’t get the job.

It’s not all bad news though – less than a week later, Jeevan heard from another IT manager from the same company, who offered him a job that he didn’t apply for. Jeevan later heard from the HR department that, in fact, they liked him, but filled the first role with a candidate with more years of work experience.lami-1.png

Lami, Jeevan’s CQUni Career Connection Advisor, gave insights into what recruiters are really looking for – and it’s often about more than your technical skills. Attitude, character and interpersonal skills are what seal the deal.

So, what are you waiting for?

I’m not saying you should give study a break this week, but it can’t hurt to spend a few hours focusing on the bigger picture and remembering exactly why you’re studying – to get started on building your career!

CQUni Career Connection is completely free, and waiting for you. Create a profile, book a consultation, or watch a webinar today!

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A past student of CQUniversity and current Student Communications team member, Sarah-Joy fully sympathises with caffeine-driven assignment deadlines and the inevitable feeling of overwhelm…

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