Turn your term around with the Academic Learning Centre (ALC)

It’s that time of term – things are REALLY starting to escalate, and there are a few ways that you might be feeling now:

  1. Stoked with your assignment results and confident (go you!)
  2. Suffering from assignment overload
  3. Disappointed with your grades so far and unsure of how to improve

If you’re in category a, continue on. If you fall into category b or c, keep reading.

The Academic Learning Centre (or ALC) is here to help at this time of term. We’ve outlined five ways the ALC can help you get the most from this term, but there are plenty more.

1. Understanding the question

Sometimes it is difficult to work out exactly what you have to do in an assignment. Our academic learning advisors can help you unpack an upcoming assessment, and give you the skills you need to understand and approach any assessment task.

2. Finding academic evidence to help support your answer

Even the most experienced researchers sometimes find it difficult to locate appropriate sources. The ALC will share useful strategies and resources to make your research more effective and efficient.

3. Writing the right thing

Essays, reports, annotated bibliographies, literature reviews, introductions, conclusions, paragraphs; they all follow a pattern. ALC can reveal the secrets behind every pattern, so you can produce the correct structure every time.

4. Referencing

Referencing – it’s easy when you know exactly what to do! Whether you’re working with Harvard, APA or something else, let the ALC show you how. Spoiler alert:  they have custom-built referencing guides here.

5. Preventing plagiarism

The dreaded ‘P’ word – a total term-ruiner. Lecturers hate plagiarism and it can land you in a lot of trouble. The ALC can show you a range of techniques to help protect your work against it.

Bonus – personalised, one-on-one support

Did you know that distance students can access one-on-one appointments with the ALC through Zoom? All you have to do is make an appointment. The same applies to on-campus students – if there’s not an advisor at your location, you can access a Zoom appointment.

(*the ALC are much more supportive than Ross)

If you’re keen to get started, phone 07 4970 7211 or email alc-advice@cqu.edu.au for your appointment.

If you prefer to blend into the crowd, the ALC sends an email newsletter with personalised information about workshops on a campus (or computer) near you. Check your emails!

SJ 'I've totally got this' Pierce (https://cqunilife.com)

A past student of CQUniversity and current Student Communications team member, Sarah-Joy fully sympathises with caffeine-driven assignment deadlines and the inevitable feeling of overwhelm…

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