What’s been happening on UCROO in Term 1 so far?

Term 1 is starting to really get busy now – and there’s plenty happening on UCROO, the CQUni digital campus. If you’ve missed out on what’s being posted in our student social network, here’s a quick round-up.

#mycampus pictures

Wherever you study at CQUni, there’s sure to be an interesting perspective on your campus. Check out some of the snaps that have been shared on UCROO last week – if you want to add yours, just head to the All Students Feed.

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We saw several great mental health tips for #unimentalhealthday, which was observed on Tuesday 2 May. These included getting active whenever you can, deep breathing, and being kind to yourself.

To learn more about Uni Mental Health Day (which came at a great time of term!), click here.

Study tips galore

Looking for a study tip? You need to visit UCROO. Over the last few weeks, students have shared:

  • The website they use to combine PDF documents without Acrobat
  • How they use headphones to enhance concentration and focus
  • The trick to getting assignments done early and well
  • How to ‘cement’ knowledge by teaching it to someone else – if you can’t explain it, you don’t know it!
  • Scheduling and blocking out time in your diary to give you the push you need to get study done

Got a tip to add? Head to the All Students Feed.

Tutors wanted

Are you a third-year student who’s all about Chemistry? Even better, are you located in Cairns? If so, there’s a group of Paramedic Science students who would love a tutor and are willing to pay.

Visit UCROO (even if you’re not signed up yet, the two minutes it takes is worth it for tutoring cash!) to reply.

Northern Uni Games

As you might already know, our Rockhampton campus is hosting the Northern Uni Games in just a few months. We’re hoping to field as many teams as possible, with FREE uniforms provided for teams.

We’re still looking for players in the following:

  • Baseball (open)
  • Football (men & women)
  • Futsal (men & women)
  • Touch football (men required)
  • Hockey (women required)

Contact n.turner@cqu.edu.au if you’re interested in participating, or hop onto UCROO and reply to Natalie’s post.


(this is you heading to UCROO to check out all of the above).

That’s all for now – but there are new posts on UCROO every day. Come and join the other 14,000 students on CQUniversity’s digital campus!

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