Support, Social & Selling: Three Handy Uses for UCROO

We’re approaching the end of term with exams looming, assignments due and Term 2 just around the corner. Chances are you might be feeling a little overwhelmed right now. You might even be wishing that there was extra support, and that it could be just a click away.

But wait…it is! Have you logged into UCROO yet?

UCROO, the CQUni student social network, has more than a few features to help support your studies – here are just three of those things.

#1 Social Connections

With plenty of advice and support available, UCROO is a great community, and other than reading your student emails (which you totally do, right?), it is the easiest way to stay in the loop.

Separate your Uni life from your personal life (UCROO is like Facebook but without all the distractions!) and stay up-to-date with the happenings on a campus near you.

If you’re studying online and feeling a bit like an outsider – stop. Use UCROO to connect with your peers, and start following the different Clubs, Societies and Groups to really engage with your university.


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#2 Buying & Selling

The UCROO Marketplace is the official destination to easily buy, sell or swap second-hand textbooks.

Textbooks sold on the UCROO Marketplace come from current students, so you know they are relevant to CQUni units. You can also make some easy cash by getting rid of any pre-loved text-books.

Once you’re on UCROO, listing a book takes less than 90 seconds, and there are easy search functions to find the books that you might want to buy.


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#3 Study Support

Every single unit has a Subject group on UCROO, so you can easily find and connect with your classmates, no matter where they are. You can also find student-arranged study groups in the Study tab by unit, degree or even location.

Study groups offer support through the term, allowing you to connect with and learn from your classmates, ask questions and share experiences!


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If you are new to UCROO, the UCROO Student Guide can help you get in the know.

You can also connect on the go, by downloading the UCROO app on the App Store or Google Play.


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If you haven’t visited UCROO yet, you’re missing out on a tool that can really help you with your studies. Visit and login using your student details to get started!

Aleysha Morgan (

As a graduated VET student, former CQUni degree student and an experienced CQUni Student Adviser, I understand the common pain points faced with study. As a current Student Communications team member, I’m excited to be here to provide my tips and tricks on #CQUniLife.

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