Three things you might not know (yet) about UCROO

We’re now well and truly into Term 1, and I want to know: have you been on UCROO yet?

UCROO is the CQUniversity student social network, and you might have missed hearing about it in the busy-ness of Orientation, or forgotten to check back in with it since signing up.

Never fear, today we’ll explore three things that you may not yet know about UCROO.

#1 – UCROO is the way to access Student Mentors.

At CQUniversity, our Student Mentor program is based on UCROO. You can only take advantage of the Student Mentor program in your first year (and you’re already nearly a third of the way through your first term!), so see if there’s a Student Mentor who can help you in your studies.

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To find the Student Mentors, just click on the ‘Mentors’ tab in the left-hand side column. You’ll then be able to filter mentors by their campus or school – or just browse through all mentors.

#2 – UCROO has a Study Timer for you to keep track of your study.

Have you used the Study Timer yet? It’s a handy feature of UCROO that lets you stay on top of the hours of study you’ve put in for the week.

We do recommend an average of 10-12 hours per week for every unit, so the Study Timer is a great way to see if you’re hitting those goals.

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To use the Study Timer, just click the icon on the top bar that looks like a stopwatch.

#3 – Many of the services that will help you through University have a UCROO presence.

Want to know what’s happening at the Library? Need to know about Communication Hub or the Student Representative Council? What about accessing Student Advocacy or Careers support?

You need to be following Student Services groups on UCROO. You may have followed a few as you set up your UCROO account, but now is the time to head back in and check which Student Services are posting updates that might be relevant to you.

Just click the ‘Student Services’ tab in the left hand side bar and you’re on your way.

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So there you have it – three things you may not have yet discovered about UCROO.

Is there something else you’ve found really handy that you’d love to share with other students? Tell us in the UCROO All Students Feed or in the comments below.

See you on UCROO!

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A past student of CQUniversity and current Student Communications team member, Sarah-Joy fully sympathises with caffeine-driven assignment deadlines and the inevitable feeling of overwhelm…

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