‘Be what you want to be’ – Our visit to CQUni Bundaberg

Hello everyone, we are the students from Guangxi University, China. Firstly, we all feel very happy to be here to study English at Central Queensland University. At the Uni, we have met many friendly people: Haiyi, Jing, Anne, Beth, Julia and other local people, who have given us lots of help.

We have studied English at CQUni for three weeks, which is a wonderful experience. We are so lucky that we met three kangaroos at the first time visiting the campus. There are many differences between CQUni and Guangxi University. CQUni Bundaberg is an open campus. No walls or fences. The first thing we saw on campus was the blue of the sky melted into the green landscape. The natural environment surrounding the university attracted us a lot. There are useful WIFi, modern labs with advanced equipment and clean public areas. We very much enjoyed studying in this university.

School authority is very friendly. There was an official welcome ceremony that made us impressed. Anne is a patient and warm-hearted teacher who led us to study the local culture and the writing skills. She taught us how to write an essay with a paragraph format named PEEL, which is useful for us in the future. She gave us plenty of information to improve our vocabulary and solve our grammar mistakes. Anne also encouraged us to communicate with local people in order to improve our speaking.

At CQUni, we visited to a Nursing class and talked about the Australian Indigenous culture and Australian native animals. We also visited the Bundaberg airport precinct and did an experiment in the CQUni Science lab, Building 9.Those activities broadened our visions and improved our English skills.

Finally, we all benefited from this English exchange program at CQUni. We also enjoyed the beautiful landscape and beaches, relaxing life style, pleasant climate and trying different food. It was also a cherished chance for us to strengthen friendship between our ‘sister city’ Bundaberg, Australia and Nanning, China.

See you soon!!!

Season, Gilbert, Henry, Anne (Teacher), Claire, Nishang, Lucy

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