What to do if you can’t get on to UCROO

It’s nearly the first week of Term 1, so you’re ready to go, right? You’ve got your units sorted, read through what you need to do in Week 1, you’ve signed up to UCROO and checked in to your Subject Groups…right?


But what if you’re having trouble signing up or signing in to UCROO (which is our student social network and CQUni’s digital campus)?

Here are three things you can try.

1. Try signing up (or in) through the link in the Student Portal.

The Student Portal has a link directly to UCROO in the left-hand side bar – if you’ve already created a UCROO account, it uses your CQUniversity details to log you straight in. If you’re still in the process of creating an account, it also remembers you and says hi.


2. Try signing up (or in) in through an incognito or private window.

Using an incognito or private window (in Chrome or Firefox) is a way to check if your browser’s cache or cookies are causing any login issues.

Simply open a new private window, head to the Student Portal, sign in, and then click the UCROO link to be sent straight to the student social network.

Got another browser? You should be able to Google how to open a private window for your specific browser.


3. Email UCROO support directly (with a screenshot).

If you’re still not having any luck, the best option is to email the UCROO support team directly, via support@ucroo.com.

They’ll get back to you in one business day, and they have the ultimate power to sort out any account issues. If you’re getting a specific error message, it’s best to include a screenshot.

We’ll see you over on UCROO!

SJ 'I've totally got this' Pierce (https://cqunilife.com)

A past student of CQUniversity and current Student Communications team member, Sarah-Joy fully sympathises with caffeine-driven assignment deadlines and the inevitable feeling of overwhelm…

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