Getting the most from our ‘digital campus’ in Term 1

With Term 1 about to kick off, we thought it was time to explain a little more about UCROO for those who haven’t yet seen our student social network.

UCROO is the digital campus of CQUniversity, allowing you to connect with your peers and mentors right across the country. Regardless of which CQUniversity campus you attend, you can take the official student social network with you wherever you go.

Let’s take a closer look at three features of UCROO that will come in handy at this time of term.


First things first – you need to know the easiest way to access UCROO.

Thanks to a handy feature called single sign-on, the easiest way to get onto UCROO is through the Student Portal. Here’s what it looks like in the Student Portal.

NEW PORTALucroo-screenshot-1

Even if you haven’t signed up to UCROO yet (and if not, you probably should), this is the best way to get into UCROO. If you are terrible at remembering passwords, this will save you many a frustrating minute.

Next, you can now tell the difference between staff and students on UCROO.

Staff members’ names appear in blue, with a mortar board (a.k.a. a graduation hat) next to their name. This makes it easier to spot a staff member handing out helpful advice on UCROO.


You can now add your Term 1 units on UCROO.

Adding units is the easiest way to connect with students studying the same thing as you. Remembering how to add units on UCROO is easy – there’s three steps, and they all start with the letter S.


  1. First, find the Subjects tab in the left-hand side bar.
  2. Next, click on the Suggestions tab.
  3. Finally, Search for your unit code or unit name, and click the green Add button once you’ve found the group. Your groups will then appear in your left-hand side bar, and you can start connecting.


Okay, that’s all. With term 1 nearly here, now’s the perfect time to get set up on UCROO. If you get lost along the way, make sure to ask your questions in the UCROO All Students Feed.

SJ 'I've totally got this' Pierce (

A past student of CQUniversity and current Student Communications team member, Sarah-Joy fully sympathises with caffeine-driven assignment deadlines and the inevitable feeling of overwhelm…

2 thoughts on “Getting the most from our ‘digital campus’ in Term 1

  1. Hi there,

    ucroo looks great but I’m unable to get past the login stage as it’s not accepting my email and/or password and I’ve tried everything. Can someone confirm which email I am to use (ie University allocated one and anything else I may be missing from this seemingly simple process. IT have been unable to help me at this point also.



    1. Hi Lindsay,

      If you haven’t yet signed up to UCROO (and you do need to initially sign up), head here and follow the steps.

      If you have signed up to UCROO and you’re still having trouble logging in (which should be with your CQUni student email, ending in, and with your UCROO password that you created during the signup process), then email along with a screenshot of any errors you’re getting, and they’ll be able to fix it within a day.

      Glad you’re trying UCROO!



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