How to navigate MyCentre

MyCentre is the system CQUni students use to self-manage their enrolment, timetables, fees and student records. Unless your Offer Letter says otherwise, you need to manage your enrolment online with MyCentre.

So let’s take a quick tour…

Responding to an offer is easy with MyCentre, for help doing this click here.

For those who have already accepted or are continuing study, we can skip straight to the My Study tile from the MyCentre homepage.

1# Manage your course

From the Manage your course section, you have access to:

  1. Adding electives and specialisations to your study plan
  2. Withdrawing from units or swapping units
  3. Reporting on your academic progress through transcripts and enrolment advice
  4. Completing Government Forms like HECS-HELP and SA-HELP.

You can also view your exam timetable from this section.

2# Plan and enrol

After you’ve set up your study plan by adding electives and specialisation units, it’s time to enrol in your units for each term. This short video will help you through the process:

Note: You may need to add a Study Period to begin the planning process. Look out for this button  in the top corner:


3# Confirm your enrolment

To confirm your enrolment, always print or save an enrolment advice. This ensures you have an official record of the transaction.

4# Check out our other help resources

For help navigating other processes, visit for videos, instruction sheets and FAQs.

If you have any trouble, please don’t hesitate to contact us



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