Namaste from India

Hi my name’s Samantha Coombe and I’m one of three media students working in India. From Applying in November to boarding the plane to India in January the experience of traveling abroad for a study tour has been a whirlwind of excitement, exhaustion and adventure.

We stepped off the plane in Ahmedabad to be met with penetrating scents, vibrant colours, and the intensity of life India is made of. All twenty CQUni students on this study trip can vouch that India has shocked, excited and fascinated us.

India is a country of extremes. The open sewers, noise pollution, filth, stares and poverty are counteracted by the charismatic temples, mercedes-benz’s, elegant aromas from incenses and vibrant night life.


Now that all sounds great, but by this point you are probably wondering why CQU has sent us to India? Twenty students from across three programs: Environment, Education and Digital Media are taking part in the Centre For Enviromental Education’s (CEE) Sustainability Exchange program. We are here to gain a better understanding of how India combats climate change, how they educate such a diverse population, and to work with CEE to develop new media material.

The opportunity to network with leading professionals across all three areas has been invaluable to each of the students. As a Digital Media student, this is an opportunity for me to experience India and all it has to offer, but to also gain valuable work experience with an internationally recognised organisation. We attended Vibrant Gujarat where all students had the opportunity to network with industry leaders and discuss global issues with like minded individuals.

I would encourage any student considering applying for an international study tour or exchange to take it and run. You never know how valuable an experience can be until you do it.

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