What you need to know about Counselling at CQUniversity

We all experience rough patches in life, and that’s perfectly normal. Maybe a personal matter has you feeling stressed, or you’re struggling with work or study.

If you feel like it’s all getting a bit much and are struggling to cope, or you just need someone to talk to, our Student Counsellors can help.  Keep reading to learn more about the Counselling services offered to CQUni students.

All students can make an appointment

Personal and academic counselling services are available to all domestic and international students, at all study locations including distance education.  Free appointments are available face-to-face, by telephone, Zoom, or by email.

What happens at a session

Counselling sessions will usually last 30 minutes or longer depending on the situation you wish to discuss. You’ll get the chance to describe what’s concerning you and the Counsellor may make suggestions that you may like to consider before your next session.

Your information is kept confidential

None of your information will be disclosed to a third party without your written permission – including lecturers, doctors, family or friends. Unless you wish to tell other people that you are receiving counselling, there is no need for anyone else to know.

You can cancel a session at any time

At the first appointment, your Counsellor will likely work out a schedule with you (usually 4 to 6 sessions). However, you are able to withdraw from that schedule at any time, for any reason. Sometimes it takes just one session for your old coping ability to return. We only ask that you phone reception on 07 4930 9456 and cancel the next appointment.


To make an appointment, email counselling@cqu.edu.au or phone 07 4930 9456, or visit a study location near you.  

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