Blogging Teens go Behind the Scenes

Imagine getting paid to promote events or products on your favourite social media networking sites?

A career in the media and communications industry has certainly sparked great creativity and interest for both Leigha and myself who took part in the CQUniBBloggers student experience last Sunday. We were among just eight privileged senior high school students who participated in a once in a life time, marketing and media work experience opportunity.

How might one day enable someone to completely delve into a career path and discover what it takes to be a part of the ever-growing marketing industry? The answer is simple… take part in a CQUniversity Taipans game day of course! Student blogging at a prestigious event like an NBL game is no walk in the park. Today we are going to bring you on our journey from our social media takeover of CQUniversity’s Instagram account to the post-game media conference. 

Firstly, let’s find out more about our clients! The CQUniversity Taipans are well led by Coach Aaron Fearne, Captain Cameron Gliddon and Assistant Coaches Gordie McLeod and Jamie Pearlman. The CQUniversity Cairns Taipans have tasted success at two grand final appearances (2011, img_72532015) while under the leadership of Coach Fearne. Currently, the team is placed sixth on the leader board with a handful of games under their belt.

The exciting day began as the eight budding bloggers arrived at 11.30am and were informed of the formalities of the occasion. We were eager to begin. The team of students were fuelled up and ready to go after collating ideas over pizza and beginning with the first post as part of our Instagram takeover. An exclusive behind the scenes tour of the pre-game happenings in the air conditioned Cairns Convention Centre aroused great curiosity and elation to the students’ faces. Filled with enthusiasm, the #CQUniBBloggers watched attentively as the CQUniversity Cairns Taipans warmed up and prepared themselves for the game just a few hours away. The #CQUniBBloggers tried to capture as many photos and “Boomerangs” while the players each carried out their own personal warm up routine.

img_0239The tour then led us across the court, as we meandered through the maze of players dodging basketballs and players. It was time to meet FOX personnel and Cairns Convention Centre staff to discover the ways in which the game would be broadcasted. Assistant Coach Jaime Pearlman then led the students into the locker room with the lingering scent of sweat and adrenalin wafting through the air. We listened carefully to the rundown of the strategies for the game as we pretended to be a player in the team in a mock environment with Pearlman. Today’s tactics were specific to the offense of the New Zealand Breakers led by Coach Paul Henare and Captain Vukona Mika. But the rest is a case of what we hear on tour, stays on tour.

To the relief and happiness of the crowd, the CQUni Cairns Taipans led the first half 53:38 with 75% of field goals scored by our Captain. The tension built and the crowd grew nervous as the NZ Breakers trailed just eight points behind with only a quarter remaining. The #CQUniBBloggers captured the atmosphere through a number of great pics showing the #orangearmy. Much to the audience’s delight, despite a difference of only five during the final quarter, the CQUniCairnsTaipans prevailed, winning by eleven points in a final score of 91-80.

Post-game we were given the opportunity to attend the media conference where the CQUni Cairns Taipans’ Coach Aaron Fearne and top-scoring player Travis Trice spoke about their thoughts of the game and what they look to improve in the future.

Overall, the eight #CQUniBBloggers produced five posts in our takeover experience on the CQUniversity’s Instagram account. Each student learnt a great deal about what goes into producing such an enjoyable event for the entire community and will be able to reflect on this experience when considering future career possibilities

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