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Living and studying in Australia was very scary for me and I had never thought about it when I was in Vietnam. That was because I did not want to be away from my family and I thought I would not be able to survive in a country that is so new to me. However, after 2 years of studying at CQU in Melbourne I know now I’ve made the right decision. Of course, it is not easy to study abroad but challenges make my journey more interesting. I can visit beautiful and extraordinary places and enjoy the diverse cuisine of Melbourne. I like the city especially at night time since it is full of lights and music. I fell in love with this amazing city and every day is different. It is not just about learning at university but also about interesting things like culture, cuisine and languages. People in Melbourne are very friendly and I love talking to them.

Multiculturalism is one of Australia’s features as well as one of CQU. At uni my friends come from all around the world and speak different languages. We often meet up to celebrate the differences and to teach each other our languages.


This is what bilingual people usually do and it helps us to get to know each other better. In addition, on my journey of becoming a professional accountant, my teachers inspire me a lot and give me strength to keep moving forward and to never give up. They told me stories about Australia, about CQU and about their own experiences in order to support my integration into the Australian culture and uni life at CQU. This was my motivation to take over a role as student mentor at CQU.


I want to share my experience and my fantastic journey in Australia with new students and inspire them to keep following their dreams. Studying in Australia is a great opportunity to develop my future career and it is an interesting and memorable experience that I will never forget.

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