The 5 best vegetarian/vegan restaurants around CQUniversity Melbourne

Hello to all CQUni students. I’m happy to introduce myself as a new member of CQUniLife bloggers. Before I came to Australia I’d been traveling around the world for 2.5 years. Inspired by my love for travel and passion for people I made the move to Australia to study the Master of Human Resource Management.


During my travels, one of the most exciting things when going to another country was exploring the food. For me, food is one way how people show their culture and traditions and that’s why I’m so interested in it. And of course I love eating.

It was not always easy for me since I’d been vegetarian and since February this year I’ve been vegan. At the Orientation Day I realised that there are many vegetarians and also a few vegans at CQUni in Melbourne. So I decided to set myself to write a blog about the best 5 vegetarian/vegan restaurants for CQUni students around our campus.

The first restaurant I want to introduce is Crossways by Hare Krishna at 123 Swanston Street. If you like good and cheap Asian food, that’s the place to go. Hold your hat! For only AU $5.95 you get a main dish, dessert and drink. And the best is it’s all you can eat. Last week I had an Indian chickpea curry with jasmine rice, papadums and cherry halava.



As you can see I’m enjoying the food a lot 🙂

Another good and cheap vegetarian/vegan restaurant is Gopal which is also operated by Hare Krishna and just a few food steps away from Crossways. The food is a little bit pricier than at Crossways but therefore you’ve got a variety of dishes you can choose from.

They even have a “not so hungry” option if you just want a small portion for less money.


If you don’t like meat but don’t want to quit fast food there is the perfect solution for you! Lord of the Fries at Southern Cross Station sells a big variety of vegetarian burgers, which are also as vegan option available. After a long night out this is definitely the place to go. My favourite: the vegan chicken nuggets.



A good bargain is also FoodPlaza at 546 Collins Street, just a short stroll away from CQUni. There are different food stalls, most of which offer Asian food.

OmVegetarian for example offers an all-you-can-eat meal for $6.50. It includes seasonal vegetable curry and lentil curry of the day served with Basmati rice with cumin and peas and freshly baked buttered naan bread from the tandoori oven. Vegan option is available. For $3.50 more you also get a vegetable samosa with mango chutney and a lassie or soft drink.


Look out for specials from other stalls too, last week I had an Indian dish with 2 different kind of vegetable curry (vegan), salad and rice for only $5.


If you need a vitamin kick there is also a juice bar in the middle, which serves freshly squeezed juice for $4.90 (medium size).

A little bit pricier but absolutely delicious is Supercharger that is located in the Emporium shopping centre at 29/287 Lonsdale St. The food is formulated by dieticians to increase immune response, gluten free, low GI & high in fibre, powerful nutritious rich & delicious superfood etc. They offer a meal set for $13.50 that includes a base, smash, raw, ferment, protein, simmer and sauce. So healthy and yummy!


You see good food in Australia does not have to be pricey. Enjoy 🙂

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  1. Nice to know few more restaurants, thanks for the info. Please do try the Nawabsahab’s Restaurant in Watton street too. You will love the food over there. It has a plenty of options with a affordable price.

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