Diversity at CQUniversity Melbourne and Sydney

In the lead-up to the Sydney Information Session (Wednesday, 7 September) and Melbourne Information Session (Thursday, 8 September), we chat to current #CQUniMEL student, Ashley Van Stigt and #CQUniSYD student, Ayan Awad.

What program are you currently studying?

Ashley says: I am a third year student in the Bachelor of Medical Sonography/ Graduate Diploma in Medical Sonography program on the Melbourne campus. I started studying at CQUniversity after completing another undergraduate bachelor degree in Health Science.  

Sonography group1

Ashley Van Stigt (second from left)

Ayan says: I’m currently pursuing my Bachelor of Accounting. This is a three year degree which I started straight after high school in 2014.


What are some of the best things about studying on-campus or by distance education at CQUniversity?

Ayan says: Studying on-campus allows me to interact with and get to know my fellow class mates more and we can help each other by having group study sessions either at the library or one of the computer rooms.

‘Throughout my studies I have completed components online, as well as on-campus. This balance in study options provides flexibility and convenience. CQUniversity offers a great support network through the range of services, including student services, the Academic Learning Centre (ALC) as well as the library and Information Technology (IT) staff. With so many familiar faces on-campus, you’re made to feel at home’ says Ashley.

What is the best thing about your program of study?

Ashley, Bachelor of Medical Sonography/ Graduate Diploma of Medical Sonography:

AT CQUni Melbourne, students have access to teaching labs fully equipped with ultrasound machines and phantoms for practice. There is also a computer lab that can be used for live streaming lectures from other campuses.

Residential schools are compulsory sessions as part of first year subjects that allow students to engage in some on-campus activities centred around course materials, which also includes practical, hands-on components.

Likewise, clinical placements are organised as part of the program to expose us to the clinical environment and to enhance our practical skills.  Working in the medical imaging department allows us to expand and develop our skills in patient care, and gain valuable practical experience.

As qualified and experienced Sonographers themselves, the lecturers and tutors have brilliant insight into a career in sonography and are dedicated to teaching ‘tricks of the trade’. The tutors across all campuses are incredibly supportive and strive to see us succeed.

Ayan, Bachelor of Accounting:

The best thing about studying accounting is my classmates. The people I’ve met during my first year are the same people I see every now and then in the same courses, during my final years and that helps with taking on a new course.

I’ve also gained work experience by volunteering at the Australia Taxation Office (ATO) as a tax helper through the university and my program helped me to gain a deeper understanding of the taxation system.


Ayan Awad, Current Bachelor of Accounting student

What are you most looking forward to upon graduation?

Ashley says: After graduation, I hope to continue learning and working in this patient focused career.  The most important thing I have learned throughout my studies is that we work with people every day; people who may be struggling with illness.

I am looking forward to a challenging and diverse career that offers life-long learning, one that keeps me ‘on my toes’ and makes a difference in people’s lives.   

Ayan says: I’m looking forward to finally working as an Accountant and applying everything I’ve learnt into the workforce, as well as further study in one of the professional body for Accountants.

And to those contemplating study at CQUniversity?

Ashley says: ‘Be what YOU want to be” – Make a choice that is right for you and become part of the diverse, enthusiastic and empowering CQU community.  We have a wide range of courses available across all our campuses, and on-line, giving you the flexibility to choose what, and how you want to study.  Whether you an international or domestic student, you will find what you’re looking for at CQU.

Our friendly staff and students are always willing to lend a helping hand.

Ayan says: CQUniversity doesn’t only have great graduate outcomes and quality of education but they’re also very focused on student experience by providing a range of support services as well as opportunities to take on volunteer work, work experience programs as well as the choice to study overseas.

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