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My name is Michael Gordon and I am a first year Bachelor of Psychological Science student at CQUniversity.

I began with CQUniversity in 2014 in the Skills for Tertiary Education Preparatory Studies (STEPS) program. I graduated school in 2006 so the STEPS program was a great kick starter to get my mind back into studying. In 2015 I commenced the Bachelor of Medical Science (Nutrition specialisation) offered by CQUniversity. I joined this program because I had the intention of studying dietetics post graduate. During first semester in 2016, this pathway was no longer an option so I started to explore other career interests. Psychology was immediately at the front of my focus as I have always had an interest in human behaviour and the way our minds work. When I think about it now, some of the reasons I pursued the dietetics pathway were actually more applicable to a career in psychology. I applied to CQUniversity for a transfer across to the Bachelor of Psychological Science and was able to commence in second semester 2016.

The most enjoyable aspect of my time studying at CQUniversity is the opportunity to connect with students and lecturers on campus. I have also participated in a number of residential schools held in Rockhampton. These were very well organised and were a great help in understanding the course material. While attending the residential schools, I was also able to connect with lecturers based outside of Bundaberg and also students from a range of locations across Australia.

At this stage of my studies, I am enjoying the broad introduction to psychology. One of my current courses, Social Foundations of Psychology, develops an understanding of modern psychology by discussing the initial theories put forward by early Psychologists. I can already see myself drawing on personal life experiences and comparing to the theories which we are discussing.  In addition, I am enjoying the lecture format which allows some directed discussion. It is great to hear the different thoughts from the other students and be able to develop my understanding of the topics.

I am very much looking forward to future years in psychology as the program explores the different aspects involved. I enjoy the research involved in completing written assessments. Just from skimming through the program structure, I can see that research assignments make up a large portion. I am also looking forward to the opportunity to conduct small research projects in later years and also in the Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) program.

My advice to students contemplating studying at CQUniversity is to take full advantage of the services available to you. CQUniversity has developed a great online presence which includes students studying on campus and by distance, and also lecturers engaging with the students. While studying on-campus, make sure to take advantage of the accessibility to the lecturers. So far I have found them all to be very approachable. In the event that you study a course offered by distance, make the most of the residential school. I have found these are a great way to connect with like-minded students and also provide the opportunity to gain some quality experience from face-to-face interactions with lecturers.

>> From Term 1, 2017, the Bachelor of Psychological Science will be available to study at CQUniversity Adelaide. Whether you’ve always had a passion for Psychology or you’re looking for a career change, we invite you to attend our Adelaide Information Session on Thursday, 1 September from 6 pm to discover this new offering and more.

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