A week in CQUniversity Rockhampton

Mesmerised is the word which describes my reaction when I first arrived at CQUniversity Rockhampton – the main campus of the University.  I went there to take part in the Chancellor’s Cup, an annual sports tournament. Teams from different campuses competed in sports like cricket, touch football and basketball. I explored the campus in my leisure time. The campus is huge with state of the art facilities for the students. There was the Engineering Precinct, Nursing and the IT precinct. The library is in it’s own separate building which is three stories high. What’s best is that the sprawling campus is has free wifi for staff and students.

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For anyone who lives an active lifestyle, Rockhampton campus is a dream. The sporting facilities are fantastic with an Olympic sized 8 lane swimming pool,  400m grass athletics oval for sports like cricket, football, and touch football and so on. There is also an indoor sports facilities for basketball and futsal and a fitness centre  with all the latest equipment.

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The student residences are on the other side of the campus and can accommodate 350 students. A dining hall serves as a communal area for students to enjoy their meals.  There are healthy buffet dishes three times a day and the menus are constantly changing.

One of the interesting things about Rockhampton is that there is always an event going on. I was there for a week and got to enjoy events like movie nights, karaoke night in the  Bird Cage Lounge Bar on-campus and also a city trip. Kangaroos are another attraction of the campus and you can find them hopping around everywhere.

Rockhampton campus is a great place to meet both international and Australian students.  There are lots of recreational areas like the student common room, cafes, student residence foyer where students mingle in their leisure time. I had the pleasure of meeting some of the students living there and from their perspective they feel that they belong here and enjoy studying in Rockhampton. The campus has a great university flavour – perfect for those seeking a traditional university experience!

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