Cracking away at my degree

My name is Lauren Hunter and I’m studying a Bachelor of Science (Chiropractic) at CQUniversity. I am currently in my second year of the three-year degree, and after next year I will go on to complete a two-year Master of Clinical Chiropractic.

A five year degree seemed extremely daunting in the beginning, but I have enjoyed every minute so far, and the time has flown by! Every new week is exciting, challenging and so rewarding. I have learnt that good things take time and the five years is needed in order to learn and build the skills necessary to become a great practitioner.

I’m currently studying at the CQUni campus in Mackay, but this wasn’t necessarily what I originally set out to do. Originally from Zimbabwe, I moved to Mackay with my parents in 2011 where I completed my final two years of high school. Like many young people leaving school, I had my sight set on moving to a big city to attend university. It didn’t end up that way though and my decision to stay in Mackay has been one of the best decisions I have ever made! I realised I didn’t have to move away to get a great degree, and I could do so in the luxury of being in a smaller town where you aren’t going to be swallowed up by the masses. CQUniversity is like a community where there is help offered at every corner – you are always connected to other campuses around Australia. And should you seek other student or lecturer support, the help is always there!

I have loved every aspect of my university journey so far and it has truly sparked a burning passion to thrive in the chiropractic profession. A lot of that has come from the incredibly high standard of lecturers within the program. As students, we are constantly exposed to chiropractic professionals who all add a different flare and have something new and exciting to offer. This aspect has kept the course interesting and has been one of my many highlights.

Being on a smaller campus allows for a lot more contact time with the lecturers and tutors as there is not an overwhelming crowd of students in the classes. The chiropractic rooms at CQUni are so modern and are fully equipped with all the tools, skeletons, chiropractic tables and joint models to fully enhance the learning experience at each and every class. A new addition to the chiropractic program was the opening of the chiropractic student clinic this year where the fifth year students are able to run a supervised clinic in order to be practice-ready by the time they graduate. It is something I am so looking forward to being a part of in fifth year to really utilise the skills I have learned throughout the course and develop my skills as a practitioner. It is an amazing experience offered to the chiropractic students in Mackay that not many other students in Australia are exposed to before they graduate.

CQUniversity becomes like a part of the family where no one gets left behind or lost, and there is always a friend or staff member to turn to.

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