CQUNI SPOTLIGHT – Featuring Ross Stanke

After 26 years as a electronics technician, Ross decided to make a life change by taking up study with CQUniversity. Although initially daunted by the prospect of taking on a Bachelor of Nursing, Ross felt more at ease once he connected with the CQU Academic Learning Centre (ALC), which gave him not only the knowledge, but the confidence to make a start in his chosen field of study.

What was the moment that made you choose your career?

After school I completed an apprenticeship as a radio and telecommunication technician with Telecom. Later I joined the RAAF as a communication and electronics technician and then worked for Boeing Australia in various technical roles. After working in the mines and as a truck driver, I started to look at CQUni for options and considered IT, Accounting and Nursing, and eventually decided upon Nursing. I recently started a volunteer placement at CQHHS emergency department.

What is the best thing about your CQUni campus?

For me as an older student who did not do a STEPS program it has to be the Academic Learning Centre (ALC). They helped me to get started when I didn’t know where to begin. They have enabled me to develop skills quickly allowing me to realise I can successfully complete my studies.

Have there been any awkward moments while you’ve been studying at CQUni?

When I went to the first lecture on campus and saw the other students, the majority looked like they had just finished school, I felt way out of my comfort zone.

The weekend is free – what would you do?

Go fishing. I have always enjoyed fishing and over time I have travelled to many remote places to enjoy environments that that don’t see too many people.

If you were down to your last $10, what would you buy?

Two Cranston’s meat pies.

Who is the most famous person you’ve ever met?

Rod Reddy, he played football for St George and was a good friend of my grandfather.

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