Outbound exchange program in Osaka, Japan – The End

The sad part of an outbound exchange program is that the program itself is for a short term. We get to meet lot of people and make new friends or rather I should say friends for a lifetime and then leave to our own ways. The first week was slow but the remaining weeks went like a flash. I knew it was for three weeks only but still I did not realise that I would be so attached with my peers on the program.

We had one last farewell dinner with students, Japanese partners, our sensei and Osaka Gakuin University (OGU) staff. As it was the last night, I put in effort to spend the night interacting with everyone. I received so many gifts that night from my Japanese partners that I felt rather selfish. My packets of chocolates was not enough to show my affection towards these students. I wish I could bring them on a trip to Australia. The Japanese students are not fluent in English but I received so many letters in English in which they tried to showed their love towards me. These letters meant a lot to me.

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Many promises were made on our last night. These included a promise to visit Osaka at least once a year and meet all the students of OGU. We will also take care of any of our partners, friends and OGU staff if they ever come to visit Australia. Reunion plans in Tokyo were made as well. Some of us even promised that they will get married to a Japanese girl and I was also one of them in that group as well. I do not know how we will we keep our promises as we all knew that we will be getting back to our usual life in Australia. It was just a 20 day trip but so many memories have been made it seems like I was there for 20 decades. I have gained so much from this experience and wish I could give back more than what I’ve taken.

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When I am alone I think about what I would have missed if I had not taken up this opportunity. I can’t imagine not knowing this great bunch of friends whose company for shopping, chess games, late night outings, random plans and thousands of other things is something I cherish close to my heart.

Hope is everything which keeps us alive so bearing the hope…I hope that I will go back in Osaka again to revive the memories I had in Osaka…

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