Random Musings of a Study Abroad Student. Part Four.


My three day tour of Scotland (parts of) was an epic fail—I did not find the Loch Ness Monster, so I am not any richer now than when I left London.

Loch Ness with no monster!
Loch Ness with no monster!

I’m kidding…but just about the trip being an epic fail. Despite missing out on seeing Edinburgh Castle due to illness on day one, the rest of the trip was entertaining to say the least, especially the tour guide who seemed to have a chip on his shoulder about everyone (including the Scottish at times). We stopped at Glencoe to take in the gorgeous mountain scenery, cruised the Loch Ness, walked the Culloden Battlefield in the rain, and visited the Birnam Wood, a feature of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Possibly my favourite part (certainly the most entertaining), was the talk and kilt demonstration by a Scottish clansman. As many of you will be aware, not a lot is worn beneath the kilt. The student volunteer took the attitude of ‘when in Scotland…’, and dropped his trousers (but kept his boxers)—very brave in front of thirty-odd other International students!

Spot the goats--there's two scotland 2





scotland 1


I spent six days in Trim, just thirty minutes outside Dublin, with some extended Irish family. It was just what the doctor ordered, after being unwell for nearly a month (including during my time in Scotland). I cannot express enough how much I miss home-cooked meals. Trim, and the surrounding area, is absolutely beautiful. Everything is so green. Hopefully you can see that in the photos (although they just don’t do it justice to the vibrancy of the colours). I returned to London refreshed and ready for the second half of the semester.

ireland 4 ireland 3

ireland 1

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