Feel like you’ve forgotten something? The next steps: enrol, get organised, find a bargain!

Stop. Do you hear that? It’s the eerie sound of a busy mind rummaging around for study reminders and finding none. Term is finished. Assessments have been submitted. Exams have been sat. Congratulations, you’ve survived your first term at university.

You might feel a little tired. In fact you probably need to nap for a week. And you definitely feel like you’ve forgotten something. But that’s only because these last few weeks have been a strictly choreographed routine of checking, rechecking, crossing t’s and dotting i’s, then checking again.

Now that you don’t need to revise and re-organise your life every hour like a paranoid conspiracy theorist, let #How2Uni help you unwind and prepare for the next steps (that’s right, there’s more).

Term is officially over and whether you’re feeling like this –


Or like this –


– We’re sure you’ve learnt a great deal.

In the weeks that follow, it’s time to relax and enjoy some well-earned rest and relaxation.


The break between terms is a chance to celebrate and reflect. If you haven’t already done so, complete your Unit Evaluations in Moodle. It takes less than five minutes and helps the University improve unit delivery in future terms. Now for the next steps…

Enrol early

Enjoy a few days off. Unwind and think about things other than textbooks and journal articles. Then it’s time to move on, get motivated and start planning for next term.


Yes, really. I know what you’re thinking – ‘I don’t even have my grades yet’. These won’t be released until Certification of Grades. But you shouldn’t let that stop you. Enrol now and then you can relax – you don’t want to be stressing out the week before term starts.

Our Course Planners should help you out when deciding what to enrol in, and if you’re still unsure or you encounter any prerequisite issues, talk to a Course Advisor.

Once you know what to enrol in, head to mycentre.cqu.edu.au and don’t forget to refer to the Enrol in MyCentre Instruction Sheet if you need help.

Get Organised

The Moodle sites for your units won’t be accessible until at least two weeks before term – one of the most commonly-asked questions on Ucroo before term is ‘When will my Moodle course be available?!’.


Class timetables will also be released in the lead up to start of term, so keep an eye on your student email. Note any important dates like these in your diary, including the Key Dates for next term, and then allow yourself some space from that thing. It will be running your life again soon enough.

Find a bargain

One final point, order your textbooks early or you’ll be starting term without them. Ucroo is a great place to sell last term’s textbooks quickly (plus find bargains on your textbooks for next term!). If you can’t find what you need on Ucroo, the CQUni Bookshop has all of your study supplies covered.

Speaking of Ucroo though, it’s a great place to hang out while you wait for the green light on next term.  From here you can look up your new subjects and connect with your class mates. If you haven’t visited our digital campus yet, make sure that you do before term starts.

Thanks so much for tuning into #How2Uni this term – we’ve loved having you along for the ride.


Good luck in your second term and beyond!

Student Communications Team

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Mae Swarbrick (https://cqunilife.com)

Mae Swarbrick is a current student, studying part-time in the Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Arts, and working full-time as Student Communications Officer. Mae's ongoing experience as a current student is invaluable in her role as leader of the Student Communications team. Combine this with practical experience in the call centre, Admissions and Student Communications teams, and she’s ready to share some first-rate uni hacks for new students. Follow Mae on #How2Uni.

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