CQUNI SPOTLIGHT – Featuring John Hauff

Bachelor of Accounting/Bachelor of Financial Planning student John Hauff (pictured left, with his sister, Taylor, and brother Carl) is all heart. While balancing his daily regimen of work and study, he’s working hard to raise funds for his sister, who lives with Rett Syndrome, a neurological disorder, which causes loss of fine motor skills and the ability to speak. His sister’s resilience is what motivates him to live the best life he can.

What is a motto or phrase that you live by?

What man is a man who does not make the world a better place?

Who has made an impact on your life?

My sister was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome, a neurological disorder that causes loss of fine motor skills and her ability to speak things which many of us take for granted. Despite this, Taylor manages to brighten my world and the world of those around her each and every day by the smile on her face and the way she brings so much love to life.

What was a recent highlight of your life?

Recently, Taylor turned 18 which is a milestone for her and our family. She also graduated high school and we were all very proud of what she achieved.

How are you changing the world?

The act of selflessly giving money inspired me to begin a fundraising campaign for my sister. The crowdfunding campaign, ‘The Silent Angel – Taylor Hauff’ aims to raise enough money to enable Taylor to buy the specialist items and equipment on her wish list. One of these items is the ATV ‘buggy’, which will assist Mum getting Taylor on and off the vehicle and provide a more convenient way for Taylor to get around the bush and enjoy the simple freedoms in life. The other major item is a Tobii Eye-gaze communication device which will enable Taylor to communicate with us through the use of her eyes. For those who wish to read our story please go to https://chuffed.org/project/silentangel

Who was the last person who made a difference to your life and how?

A retired couple form Western Australia came to our family property over the Christmas holidays. They got to witness everyday life around the farm and were touched by Taylor’s spirit. Before they left they presented us with a cheque for $1000, out of the kindness of their hearts to go towards the buggy for Taylor.

Why should people study at CQUni?

In my time at CQUni I have found it to be extremely flexible with study arrangements, particularly if you have other commitments as well.

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