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My name is Jessica Birt and I am currently studying STEPS at CQUniversity. I’m a Rockhampton mother of two beautiful girls who were both born 5 weeks early due to complications with my Type 1 diabetes.

Both of my girls spent time in special care before coming home. During this time we had some amazing nurses/midwives and some not so.
It was then I felt a strong call to be one of them.

I have never felt such a strong calling to do something in my life.

But Uni scared me. So I looked into STEPS to help me get there. I wanted to get my head back into ‘study’ mode after being out of school for so long, and I wanted to be prepared with how ‘Uni” wanted things like how to write an essay and not loose makes over silly mistakes.

I have amazed myself by receiving 3 HD’s so far and I’ve enjoyed meeting new people and friends here at the Rockhampton Campus.

STEPS has given me the biggest boost of self-confidence! I never felt smart before. I was always a pretty average student at school. Now I feel ready and excited to start my undergraduate studies and I thank the lectures for that.

They are really helpful and supportive never too busy to answer a question. They say ‘it is all you and the work you put in’ but I wouldn’t of learnt and understood so much if they were not wonderful lectures. No they didn’t pay me to say that.

I have now experienced STEPS via internal (Term 2) and distance (Term 3) and i made it out the end for both of them. It was not as scary as I had worked it up in my head to be. I have enjoyed it. I have enjoyed the joy on my face reflected in my family as I tell them I passed another task. I have mostly enjoyed the proud feeling that I get whenever I tell someone ‘I am currently a STEPS student and Term 1 I start my Bachelor of Nursing and Midwifery.

No, I am not scared to start it. I am excited! Because STEPS has helped me get there!’

With Term 1, 2016 fast approaching, join us at one of our upcoming on-campus Information Sessions on Friday, 29 January from 9-10 am AEST.

(Note: the CQUni STEPS information session at CQUniversity Sydney will run from 10-11 am due to daylight savings.)

cqunilifeguest (https://cqunilife.com)

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