Why did you choose CQUni?

Everyone has different reasons for studying and choosing a particular university.

I chose CQUniversity because I believe that the Master of Information Technology will enhance my current experience and meet my needs to achieve the qualifications and knowledge for my career. In addition, my program offers an internship so I can work in an organisation in my area of study helping me gain an understanding of the job market and work practices in Australia.

I got together with some friends around CQUni to see what their reasons are!

Chidkamon, from Thailand, chose CQUni because it provides a lot of good resources to help her to improve her knowledge and succeed at university.

Kazi, from Bangladesh, chose CQUni because he believes that his degree, Master of Professional Accounting (MPA) will help him prosper in his career both in Australia and overseas.

ROERoe, from The Philippines, chose CQUni because the University has a campus in the best location — Melbourne! In addition, the diversity at CQUni means he can learn from people around the globe, meet and make new friends, be himself and share his own culture with others.

Carlos, from Colombia, decided to join CQUni as the programs are up-to-date with the demands of employers. Also, the multicultural environment  the University offers has allowed him to learn about other cultures.

Rendy, from Indonesia, chose CQUniversity because he believes it will provide him with all the knowledge and experience to be successful in the IT industry when he returns to his home country in the future.

Why did you choose CQUniversity?

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