A student’s journey: from aspirant to CQUni graduate

It is interesting, and also pleasing, that CQUniversity has merged with CQ TAFE to become a dual sector university, with the benefits that this will bring for those seeking to engage in study from certificate to tertiary level. In some ways this is similar to the path I have taken in merging my trade background with a successful transition to university graduate.

My CQUniversity journey began around November 2008. I had been a trade qualified mechanic for many years and was looking for a change. It is said that a person may change jobs around 7 to 15 times during their lifetime, yet this was different; a total career change in a completely different field.

I heard an advertisement for a CQUni information session, to be held in the local shopping centre, and as I was interested in social sciences I decided to see what they had to offer. I checked out the information booklets and felt that CQUni had the program that I wanted to do. The staff at the booth, noticing I was a mature aged student, suggested completing the preparatory STEPS course before starting undergraduate study. They said that this course would give me the skills needed to make a success of my uni studies.

I am glad I took their advice because coming from a non-academic background, it would have been harder to complete my degree without the skills learnt through STEPS. After completing STEPS I recall one of the staff saying to me that those who do STEPS have consistently higher grades than those who go directly into uni, even the school leavers.

The transition from a technical background to academia required adjustment on my part. I had to plan how to fit in study with work and family commitments. There were mental aspects as well such as changing the way I thought, no doubt assisted by my sociology courses. Any difficulties I faced were negated by the help received from my lecturers and support staff. In fact, seeing how studying at CQU was helping me in my transition, I convinced my wife and my sister to study here as well, (both are now graduates).

After completing my Bachelor of Arts/Laws I enrolled in a Bachelor of Applied Sociology at CQUni. I am also planning to enrol in the Graduate Diploma of Learning and Teaching (Secondary) in 2016. Should I complete this successfully, I plan to use the knowledge gained to help other students the way that CQU has helped me; that is to be what they want to be.

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Michael (https://cqunilife.com)

Hi, I am a domestic student based in Bundaberg. I am currently studying my Bachelor of Applied Sociology at CQU. My wife (Debbie) and I recently graduated at Bundaberg in Bachelor of Learning Management (Primary) and Bachelor of Laws/Arts respectively.

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