Melbourne or Sydney? The Differences and the Perks.

I have had the pleasure of studying in both Melbourne and Sydney, one of the perks of studying at CQUni. I lived in Sydney first and moved to Melbourne last March. After I moved here, lots of people asked me what are the differences between Sydney and Melbourne. So as an international student, coming from China, here are my comparisons.

City vibe

Sydney: It’s a modern city, but the cost of living are high and it can feel a little bit stressful to live here. People walk so fast! It’s like you go to the gym every day!
Melbourne: The restaurants, the museums, the bars and the markets make Melbourne feel less crazy and more relaxed. People have more laid back attitude (Hey, let’s stop for a while to enjoy the fabulous show of street artist.)

Street art in Melbourne
Street art in Melbourne


Sydney: The weather is very nice, I really love Sydney’s sky, it’s amazing! So beautiful and colourful.
Melbourne: I am ‘impressed’ by Melbourne’s weather. You can find four seasons in one day. Like an old Chinese saying, the weather is just like baby’s face and a girl’s mind. You never know what’s gonna happen next.

Sunset in Sydney
Sunset in Sydney

The weekend

Sydney: Weekend – Bondi beach or the Blue Mountains. Best of both worlds.
Melbourne: Weekend – Party and bar (OK, I am just kidding).


Sydney: Impressive ferry system, but overall, the transportation situation is quite poor! Driving to city on Monday morning? Good luck!!!
Melbourne: Wide roads and good tram system can take you everywhere.

The biggest?

Sydney: We got Sydney tower! The tallest building in Australia!
Melbourne: We have Chadstone Shopping Center. The biggest shopping centre in Australia!

Who’s got talent?

Sydney: ‘X-Men’ Hugh Jackman!!!
Melbourne: ‘Thor’ Chris Hemsworth!!!

Best beach

Sydney: Sea! Beaches! Manly beach, Bondi beach and Cronulla beach!!
Melbourne: St Kilda Beach

The beach in Sydeny
The beach in Sydney

They’re my views but you decide for yourself!

Watch a video on CQUni’s campuses in Melbourne and Sydney.

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