5 Preparation Tips for Studying Abroad

I am now in the UK and just about to start in my new Uni here as part of my study abroad program! On reflection, I wanted to share five tips with you so if you’re thinking about studying abroad you can be fully prepared.


Six weeks prior to leaving make sure you obtain, and submit, a letter from CQUniversity’s International Office stating that:

  • You are currently enrolled full-time at CQUniversity
  • That this is a compulsory part of your degree
  • That you will receive academic credit for the courses
  • For who and what period you will be studying

Since arriving, and having my Austudy suspended, I have discovered that you can only leave Australia to study an approved overseas short course 10 days prior to the course start date, i.e. the date lectures start, not enrolment or induction dates.

Enduring Power of Attorney

Something that most often gets overlooked, and can save a whole lot of time and trouble if and when it is needed, is an Enduring Power of Attorney.   I have experienced the frustration caused by my daughter’s travels and the dramas of having her passport stolen, credit card frozen, which then affected her flight home, mobile phone cut off, and needing her medical records.  Having a power of attorney ensures that you have someone back home that can work to get things sorted on your behalf when something goes wrong.  It is easy to do and I highly recommend you look into it.


As an Australian citizen (passport holder) you can apply for a short-term (less than 6 months) study visa in the UK, if you’re at least 18 years old and studying at an overseas higher education institution and part of your course is in the UK.  You will however, be required to bring documents such as UK institution acceptance letter, evidence that you can support yourself and accommodation details to show at the UK border.  Use can use this link to check if you qualify for a UK short-term study visa.


A cash passport seems like a good way to go.  It works like a debit card, can be loaded with the local currency, is accepted almost anywhere and is easy to manage.  I can keep an eye on the exchange rate and transfer my Centrelink Austudy payment when the rate is looking good (or currently, when a little better) with a locked in rate on the day.  I have been able to withdraw up to £800 cash in a day, go shopping and pay the deposit on my new accommodation.

Power board

Pack an electrical power board, one with a USB charger. That way you will only need to buy one adapter to charge all your electronic devises (phone, laptop, tablet, etc.) when you are home.

Hope you enjoy my tips and they answer some of the questions you have about preparing for your time abroad!

More info about CQUGlobal Outbound Programs can be found on the CQUni website.