Fast Ways to Beat Stress at Uni

Image of person holding head in their hands at a desk

Do you have assignments due? Are you feeling stressed? Do you think that there is no end to your assignments?… If so, you should take a break and read my simple steps to beat stress.

Prioritise the assignments
If you have a bunch of upcoming deadlines, it is important to prioritise the most important task first and allocated the realistic time that you require to complete it.

Divide and conquer
I know some assignments are endless. Take it easy and break the whole assignment into smaller tasks. This is useful to set small goals to complete the assignment.

Ask questions and find the experts
Ask as many questions that you have to your lecturer. Prepare a draft of your assignment. Your tutor/lecturer can review and give you some feedback. Also, if you are worried about your grammar, spelling or format, I suggest that you make an appointment with the staff in the ALC (Academic Learning Centre). They will help check your draft.

Sleep and have a laugh
Many assignments are due. However, you should think about your health. Make time for yourself. A good night’s sleep and laughter is the best medicine to tackle your stress.

If you have some of your own tips on how to manage stress (or de-stress!) feel free to share them with us by leaving a comment below.


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