Double Seventh Festival

In western countries, there is Valentine’s Day. In China, we have the Double Seventh Festival. This festival falls on the seventh day of the seventh Lunar month. It signifies a beautiful Chinese folk legend – it is the day that Niulang (a poor but hard working cowherd) and Zhinu (the seventh daughter of the Lord of Heaven) first met, and just like Valentine’s Day, it is endowed with romantic atmosphere. This day is also important for girls, so we also call it ” Young Girls’ Festival”.

This year the Double Seventh Festival fell on 20 August. Compared to Valentine’s Day, the Double Seventh Festival is not quite popular here. However, the romantic atmosphere is still strong among the Chinese communities such as those in Hurstville. Under the influence of intercultural communication resulting from globalisation, an increasing number of people are more likely to celebrate western events such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day, and the focus has been shifted from traditional festivals such as the Double Seventh Festival.

For me, I think festivals and events in general are a wonderful way to strengthen bonds between people regardless of cultural backgrounds. Take Valentine’s Day for example, no matter in western culture or Chinese culture, it shows our appreciation for beautiful things and our loved ones. On such a special day, most of us enjoy sharing unforgettable moments with our lovers, friends and family members.

Similar to Valentine’s Day, we celebrate the Double Seventh Festival by giving gifts such as flowers and chocolates to our loved ones, among other things. I had my own way of celebrating the Double Seventh Festival. Check out the photos below to see what I got up to!


In the process of baking…slowly but surely.


This is the result of my hard work! Well, not quite there yet…


Now let’s eat!

For those who knew of the Double Seventh Festival, I hope you enjoyed celebrating it as much as I did. For those who didn’t, now you do so let’s celebrate it together next year!

My best wishes to everyone – “All shall be well, Jack shall have Jill.”


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