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CQUniversity and the Australian Government funded a program to expand students’ international opportunities. CQUni sent a keen group of paramedics students overseas recently to New York to tour with emergency services and bring their insights back home.

Terri-Lee Hayes shares her amazing once in a lifetime experiences riding alongside the Fire Department of New York, visiting Ground Zero, and seeing the Statue of Liberty.

I just spent two weeks in New York on ambulance rotations with the Fire Department City of New York (FDNY). They are so different to our Australian services. The FDNY attend all cases with lights and sirens and they have emergency medical technician (EMTs) (for basic life support) and paramedics (for advanced life support). I went on rotations with both crews and their workload is fascinating and oh so busy.

I learned a lot from my experiences and gained a lot of confidence riding on the road with the crews I worked with. It made me realise that becoming a paramedic is a job I know I’ll love and was born to do.

We went to see many sights and really enjoyed the Statue of Liberty – the view was amazing. We also attended Ground Zero and I felt an instant heartbreak. The 9/11 museum has been set up to respect the families and the people who tragically lost their lives that day. I felt inspired by the strength that the NYC people had to get through during that awful terrorist attack.

My favourite experiences were working on the road with the FDNY crew, attending Ground Zero and the FDNY academy.

This experience has changed me and I encourage any student to consider doing an overseas study trip and expand their knowledge. Its one experience I’ll never forget and I would love to go back and do it again.

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