Exploring Melbourne’s Laneways

Hanging around Melbourne central business district (CBD) is one of my favourite things to do as I’m always discovering beautiful and amazing places. Recently, a group of us from CQUniversity Melbourne went on a guided city tour with our friendly host Ricardo. I must admit at first I wasn’t that excited as I thought I knew the city well but to my surprise it was really interesting seeing the city through other people’s eyes.

Leaving from the campus, we took a shortcut through a narrow lane which only one person can pass through at a time. I found this funny as it reminded my home country of China where there are lots of places like this.

Our first stop was at Flagstaff Gardens which is located on the northern end of the CBD. Even though I live nearby and pass through here everyday, Ricardo showed me a different perspective. From the middle of the garden, if you stand on the small hill, you can find a great view of the Docklands area including the iconic Melbourne Star Observation Wheel. There are lots of animals found in this garden, and if you are lucky you might spot one to take a photo with. Don’t be afraid as they are quite friendly as they’re used to being around people.

Next we headed to the famous Queen Victoria Market, which sells fresh produce, food, and various items including Australian souvenirs. As most of us were familiar with the market, we focused our attention on trying the delicious foods on offer and taking selfies 🙂

Flowers at Queen Victoria Markets
Linh (left) and Marcela (right) at Queen Victoria Markets.
Group selfie at Queen Victoria Markets
How’s this for a group selfie?!

Ricardo then took us to Hosier Lane, a graffiti covered laneway and one of Melbourne’s most famous street art. He also took us to another laneway which was even more amazing as the whole ground was also covered in graffiti! I highly recommend taking photos against the colourful and artistic backgrounds, and exploring the many more hidden laneways.

Marcela against graffiti backdrop
Marcela is a work of art.
Group of CQUniversity students with street art
Us at one of graffiti-covered laneways.
Melbourne street art
Melbourne street art.

I’m happy that I went on the tour as I met lots of friends and saw a different side of the Melbourne. There are lots of city tours available to suit many interests, so I would encourage you to go on one (or a few!) as it’s a great way to get to know the city that you’re living in.

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