5 Tips for Better Presentations

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As we’re a few weeks into the term now, many new students will need to do presentations as part of their assignments. Having good presentation skills is vital as it plays an important part in your study and work life.

My top 5 tips for better presentations.

1. Show your passion of the topic. Having passion on your subject is an important for a successful presentation as it will impress your audience and give you credibility.

2. Keep it simple. It’s best to express your points simply by highlighting the important parts and skipping the minor details to ensure you get the key points across.

3. Tell stories and use examples. The best talks are often ones which includes story telling or sharing your experiences by providing relevance to the content and is generally more interesting to listen to.

4. Consider your audience. You need to tailor the content in your presentation to suit your audience and make it easy for them to understand otherwise they may lose interest in what you have to say. It’s also good to be mindful that people generally have a limited attention spans.

5. Smile and make eye contact. Using eye contact with your audience is a good technique to keep them engaged. Smiling is also good as you can also project yourself with more confidence and deliver your presentation more naturally.

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Well, I hope you found these tips beneficial! Why not share some of your presentation tips in the comments box below…

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