NAIDOC Week: My Journey as Indigenous student

Well it’s vacation time and I have just a few more days off before I start my Degree in Public health, am I excited yes, am I just that little bit nervous you bet I am. Today I wanted to share my experience at CQUniversity as an Indigenous student.

Me and CQUniversity.

My name is Suyin and I live on a small acreage outside of Maryborough Queensland, and have just completed my Tertiary Entry Program (TEP), by distance education through the Indigenous Engagement Office with CQUniversity. The reason why I chose CQUniversity is that it is one of the largest Universities as I know my education is in good hands. The staff at the Office of Indigenous Engagement went through the steps of what I had to do and it became clear to me that’s where I wanted to go.

TEP, a comprehensive program.

Tertiary Entry Program is a great program and is specifically for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to get the skills and confidence to undertake university study. It has helped me get where I am today. Being from an Indigenous background going into a large University thought it would make me feel alienated not really knowing what to expect, but as soon as you are actually there everyone is at the same level and all trying to get an education. The student advisors and the academic staff are always there to help and give you all the support with any problems that might arise.

A learning assistance.

When I first enrolled in TEP I did question myself about what have I got myself into as I am a mature age student. I am not as educated as I would have liked to have been and I found the work load a bit daunting. I then met with the Office of Indigenous Engagement tutor that gave me a lot of guidance throughout my term and worked in well with my times. I have now inspired my daughter following my footsteps as she thought that she was too mature, it’s never too late.

Exciting times ahead with my Bachelor degree

Well there it is and here I am, all rearing to go and begin my new chapter with CQUniversity starting my Bachelor in Public health I have come this far already so how much further can I go.

Photo: Here I am with my daughter Jana that follows my steps (Credit: Bronwyn FredericksTwitter)

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