Sights and attractions near CQUniversity Sydney

I’m currently studying on the Sydney campus, which is in the heart of the city.  You can enjoy many sights and attractions during your student life in Sydney and at the campus. My favorites are listed below!

Opera House

One of the most distinctive buildings in the world is not too far from our campus. It takes you about a 25 minute walk  or 15 minutes by bus to reach.

Victoria Building

This building is a big attraction for tourists and locals because of its attractive architectural design. It is just a five minute walk from our campus. You can view a marvelous hanging clock and enjoy shopping with the old world charm of the surroundings.

Darling Harbour

Harbour bridgeIt’s one of the most beautiful harbours in the world. You can walk around the wedge of this harbour, enjoy a variety of food and drinks and it’s only a five minutes walk from campus.

IMAX Theater

It is one of my favourite places to go to watch movies. After class, we usually run towards IMAX in Darling Harbour. Another five minute walk!

Harbour Bridge

It is one of the most famous landmarks in the Sydney. The view of Harbour Bridge is stunning and the fireworks performed there at the New Year is mind-blowing. Bridge Climb is another exciting thing you can do here, which will be a life time experience.

Mamak Resturant

CQUniversity Student Ambassador_ShovaI love this restaurant. I am always impressed by the food and the services but you will have to wait for the long queue. It is one of best places to try Malaysian food. The roti dessert is  awesome!

Hope you get to enjoy some of the sights and attractions while in Sydney!

7 thoughts on “Sights and attractions near CQUniversity Sydney

  1. Hi Shova,my daughter wants to study master of professional accounting at cq uni.Sydney on coming Nov. Intake.But I would like to know how is cq uni Sydney?I mean,how is the quality of teaching method? Recognition of MPA & the possibility of employment there.Thank-you.

  2. Hello Sir, Thank you for your interest in our university. Recently CQUniversity was ranked within the world’s top 150 universities under 50 years old.

    Sydney campus is one the amazing place to study .You can enjoy view of darling harbor, friendly staffs and lots of facility on campus and, perhaps, train station is also just 5 minutes away.

    I am fully satisfied with the teaching method where the class is divided in two section: Lecture and Tut. Lecturer always motivate students to involve in two ways communication. You are required to do assignment and attend exams. For most of the subjects. Attendance in class is also highly required.

    Your chosen course MPA is one of the most popular course in our university. Vice Chancellor scholarship is also available for the international students.

    Employment opportunity are available in the market and of course, on campus also. Please visit CQU careers where you can see job opportunity available for current students, perspective students and graduate students. Moreover there are many graduates programs for the recent graduates students where you can express your interest now for future for example :2018.

    Hope this information is beneficial for you. Please feel free to contact at if you require any further information. Thanks.

  3. Hello
    I am Sanidhya Mehta and i am looking for Masters in International business for coming Nov intake ,can you kindly tell me the scope and market of studying International business in Sydney also is the course worth investing at CQu ?

    1. Hi Sanidhya,
      Thank you for your enquiry and interest at studying at CQUni! Can I just ask if you are a domestic or international student? That way we can better assist and answer your query.
      Kat, CQUni

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