Survival tips for new students

When I was a new student I was quite nervous and didn’t know what to expect. As a new student you should know where to start. This is the first step of your journey. I want to share my survival tips with you to help you along the way!

Understand key dates

Understanding and remembering key dates like start of the term, last day to add courses and census date will ensure you are enrolled properly to start your study! 

The CQU website gives good explanations of key dates.

Manage your workload properly

CQUiversity Student Ambassador SohvaDuring my first year, I was worried about the workload from my assignments. It’s not just the assignments that make you worry but also that you can find yourself midway through the semester and with a lot of do! You can expect to do online quizzes, class tests or written assignments.  I recommend you regularly attend the classes, refer to Moodle properly, and start your assignment early. Sounds simple! Also make sure you strictly follow the procedures to your assignment as given by the course coordinator and write the assignment in your own words. Don’t plagerise…you will be caught! Similarly, Harvard referencing is the suggested referencing style by University and should be used. 

Use the Academic Learning Centre

My biggest tip is to use the Academic Learning Centre. It’s a great place to get academic advice and help. I love going there especially when I have assignments due. They help with academic writing, oral presentation, referencing and much more. You can contact them via email on, in-person or phone 0749707211. 

They also have other services such as:

Workshops:  They often run workshops on campus. I got lots of tips on researching, referencing, essay writing, report writing and oral presentation after attending workshops. Keep an eye out for workshops on your campus. 

Study Skills: Suggestions and guidance are provided on how to make the best use of your study time including time management, exam preparation and stress management.

Career support: They offer help on resume writing, job application skills, networking and interview techniques. 

Transport concession:  I’m on the Sydney campus and you can get a discount on the My Multi ticket, staff at the university can help you with this.

Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the experience!

Best of Luck!

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  1. I agree with you!
    My biggest mistake when I was a freshman was postponing all of my assignments until the last moment. In the end, most of the tasks I did the night before deadlines, breaking my sleep regime, and getting terribly tired. If I did everything gradually, the workload wouldn’t be so big. I will not make that mistake again in the new academic year! Thank you for your advice!

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